Our Services

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 As registered real estate agents, we specialize in marketing, selling and letting of various types of properties including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural. We are authorized by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia to represent and act for owners in selling or letting of their properties.

We perform the following professional and fiduciary functions, in compliance with all the relevant laws and rules by the authorities:

  • To obtain appointments from property owners to represent them in selling and letting of properties.
  • Carry out comparable market analysis of the subject properties.
  • Brief owners on the best marketing strategies and practices.
  • Advise owners on realistic pricing according to comparable prices, property conditions, demand/supply, and economic scenario.
  • Advise owners on laws relating to property, contract and market practices.
  • To alert owners of suspected fraud or unethical practices if any.
  • Report to owners on the progress of marketing activities and results.
  • Market the properties by on-line and off-line methods.
  • Qualify prospects and show properties.
  • Negotiate all the terms, conditions and prices.
  • Write up offers to purchase or rent.
  • Collect and safeguard earnest deposits for purchase or rental.
  • Gather relevant documents to pass to solicitors for further actions.
  • Ensure that both parties adhere to agreed terms, conditions and datelines.
  • Assist buyers to obtain loans.
  • Follow up on the whole transaction process and keep clients informed.
  • Hand over keys upon completion of transactions.
  • Act as the go-between should disputes arise, and handle problems professionally and creatively.
  • To ensure fair deals and that our clients' interests are protected.

We also represent developers in marketing their newly-launched properties and unsold units.

As we are in the business of trust, we go the extra mile to carry out our duties. While being professionals who make no compromise on the standard of practice and ethics, we cherish even more the long-term relationship with our clients, that means so much to us.