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Is your one foot in the middle-income trap and the other on a banana skin?

Latest statistics showed the average per capita income of Malaysians to be about RM20,280 p.a., or RM1,690 p.m. This figure may be higher in urban centres and lower in rural areas. But one fact is notoriously clear. With soaring inflation and uncertain economy, many people are hard-pressed with meagre incomes and stagnant salaries. We call it 10 pots with 7 lids. And it's not funny, especially when the lids are shrinking!

There are many ways to financial freedom and hundreds of books on this subject. We do not know everything, but we do know one way to break free from the middle-income trap. That is, to enter into careers where reward is directly proportionate to your effort and entrepreneurship. However, this route is not for everyone. It's for the bold and initiated.


Have you considered the advantages of a career in real estate?

We like to call a spade a spade, and don't use it to beat around the bush (why, we use it to uncover treasures!). So here are the advantages of working as a Real Estate Negotiator:

  1. You have more time-flexibility and freedom (but still have to work, of course).
  2. You may choose the locations, environments and clients to work with.
  3. Real estate is an intellectually challenging professional career. It is regulated by Acts, Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  4. Properties are mainly basic necessity, transaction volume was a staggering RM137.8 billion in 2011.
  5. Property values are usually huge, and the fees are also substantial. 5-figure monthly income is reasonably achievable.
  6. Job satisfaction in advising and helping people own homes and investment properties. Properties are varied and interesting, many are fabulous and inspiring.
  7. A welcomed profession, everyone likes to pick your opinion. You tend to meet nice, rich and well-educated people (ok, maybe not always).
  8. Bright career future. Property industry is a major mover of economy, contributes greatly to national income (GDP) and spins off hundreds of other industries.
  9. Real estate is a growing industry due to ever expanding population, industry and commerce.


So how do I know if a career in real estate is for me?

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. If you enjoy working with people, viewing homes or other properties, then you are naturally inclined for the job. Having a wide circle of contacts, or the courage to prospect for clients, will help you see quicker results.

Personality wise, it is important to be pleasant, trustworthy and have 'people skill' and good communication ability (especially in English). Truth be told, this is a job that requires self-motivation and perseverance, so people who give up easily will be eliminated by nature's law - survival of the fittest. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Experience in marketing, sales or property related fields will be advantageous, but not compulsory. In Property Street, we provide comprehensive training to enable you to hit the road running, followed by on-the-job guidance, and professional development continuously. With our excellent people, systems and tools, we will move you from Property Street to Success Avenue!

However, we can't guarantee you'll be fabulously successful in a couple of months (this is not a get-rich-quick scheme!), so it's prudent for you have a few months' cash reserve for your living and working expenses, while you learn the ropes of the trade.

And of course, you need a car and be prepared to work full-time. Jack of all trades is master of none!


All right, how do I join Property Street?

Hold on, not so fast! Let's meet and talk first, to see if the shoes fit, and your tires are not flat (we have good pumps, but don't mend tires very well) because, a smooth journey to Success Avenue depends on these!

So, call us at 012-2967 423, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out a form here. Hope to hear from you soon!